From theory to practice

Measurement of the ability to change direction”

Our students and staff selected the following study for this week:

Nimphius S, Callaghan SJ, Spiteri T, Lockie RG. Change of direction deficit: a more isolated measure of change of direction performance than total 505 time. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 30(11): 3024-32, 2016.

The COD deficit test to determine the ability of an athlete to sprint while changing directions. How do you do it? You measure the time needed for the athlete to cover a specific COD movement. Then, you measure the time required for the athlete to cover the same distance but this time using a linear sprint. You subtract the second from the first. The smaller the difference the better COD ability for the athlete. The authors of this study compared 1o-meter sprint and the 505 test. We feel this is an interesting observation for team and other sports incorporating multiple changes of direction while sprinting.

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